The first DBSS project with bamboo flooring in Singapore

A recently completed project in Bishan was billed as the first DBSS housing project with eco-friendly bamboo flooring. Using bamboo flooring has helped the developer to achieve a Green Mark building Gold Plus certification. Although Star Bamboo was not involved with this project, we were cheered to see bamboo flooring used in a large scale residential project.

Unfortunately, since the residents moved in, we have been receiving a steady stream of queries. Many owners took issue with the quality of the bamboo flooring, and wanted us to help. Most of the calls are grouses about the bamboo flooring that have been installed in their bedrooms. There were complaints such as unsightly gaps between the planks, slight cupping and unevenness, and widely varying colours.

It was an unusual decision to do pre-finished installation for the bamboo flooring. After all, most local home owners do not use footwear at home, and would prefer the bamboo floor to be site-sanded, which would provide a smoother feel. In addition, the gaps between the micro-bevel edges in the prefinished flooring easily trap dirt, and can be unsightly unless one cleans the floor diligently. This problem was exacerbated by shoddy workmanship.

We had the opportunity to do some work for one of the apartments (photos available) and also observed that the natural colour tones of the bamboo varied very widely. This probably explains why colour staining was done on the bamboo flooring.

It was indeed a pity that the bamboo flooring for this project did not get the acclaim it deserved. Installing bamboo flooring requires expertise and care, which would be a challenge to execute for hundreds of units under tight and cost time pressure.

If you are a resident of this project and want us to help with your bamboo flooring, please contact us today.

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