Bamboo flooring

At Star Bamboo, we dedicate ourselves to producing premium quality bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring

The most popular Star Bamboo product is our solid bamboo flooring, made of 100% bamboo. So you can be sure it is eco-friendly.

We offer a variety of styles and colours, so you can be sure to find the look that suits your needs.

Below are the 4 styles of flooring that we offer:

Natural colour/ Horizontal pattern (NH)

Natural colour/ Vertical pattern (NV)

Carbonised colour/ Horizontal pattern (CH)

Carbonised colour/ Vertical pattern (CV

How do we produce the colours?

Our “Natural” series has the natural colour and feel of bamboo, which creates a soothing atmosphere in the room. This colour is born when we remove the sugar content from bamboo using a chemical mixture.

Our “Carbonised” series imparts a sense of strength and ruggedness, thanks to a special baking process to remove the sugar. The dark colour is not colour stained, and is 100% natural.

As bamboo flooring is made from natural materials, there will be variation in the colour of your flooring (in fact, customers tell us the flooring looks “plastic” if the colour is too even!).


And how do we produce the patterns?

‘Horizonal’ and ‘Vertical’ refer to how the individual bamboo strips were arranged and pressed together.

This creates different interesting designs on the bamboo flooring surface. Just see the pictures below for the difference:

this flooring plank is horizonally pressedHorizontal pattern
this flooring plank is vertically pressedVertical pattern

Rest assured that all 4 kinds of bamboo flooring are just as durable and strong – the only difference is the aesthetic appearance.

You can definitely find a choice which fits your home or office.

Want to see how bamboo flooring can enhance the beauty of your space? Just check out our portfolio of selected bamboo flooring projects.

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