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Star Bamboo project at Telok Blangah [Photos]

There’s nothing we appreciate more than a repeat customer. This customer had selected bamboo flooring for her parents’ place a few years ago. When she got her new place recently, she came back to Star Bamboo. Thank you, C!

Here are the results, enjoy the photos below!

Natural Vertical bamboo flooring

Touch of luxury in the bedroom

Impress the guests when hosting a party

Forget laminates - there's nothing like real wood to make you feel at home

Don’t forget, there are more photos of our projects over on Star Bamboo’s Facebook page.



HDB Project in Holland Village [Photos]

One of the most popular housing trends in Singapore is the rise of small apartments typically less than 500 sqft, also known as “mickey mouse” units. Today’s project showcase isn’t that small, but it’s an inescapable fact that the newer the apartment, the smaller the rooms.

However, with a touch of creativity and judicious use of colours, you can easily create the illusion of wide, expansive space.

Natural horizontal bamboo flooring + Mirrored wardrobe = Space

The light colour tone of the Natural Horizontal bamboo flooring, together with generous amount of sunlight through the windows, help to brighten up the environment.

Check out more photos of this project on our Facebook page!

If you like what you see, why not do the same for your home or office? Contact us today to find out how you can enjoy the beauty of bamboo flooring!

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The first DBSS project with bamboo flooring in Singapore

A recently completed project in Bishan was billed as the first DBSS housing project with eco-friendly bamboo flooring. Using bamboo flooring has helped the developer to achieve a Green Mark building Gold Plus certification. Although Star Bamboo was not involved with this project, we were cheered to see bamboo flooring used in a large scale residential project.

Unfortunately, since the residents moved in, we have been receiving a steady stream of queries. Many owners took issue with the quality of the bamboo flooring, and wanted us to help. Most of the calls are grouses about the bamboo flooring that have been installed in their bedrooms. There were complaints such as unsightly gaps between the planks, slight cupping and unevenness, and widely varying colours.

It was an unusual decision to do pre-finished installation for the bamboo flooring. After all, most local home owners do not use footwear at home, and would prefer the bamboo floor to be site-sanded, which would provide a smoother feel. In addition, the gaps between the micro-bevel edges in the prefinished flooring easily trap dirt, and can be unsightly unless one cleans the floor diligently. This problem was exacerbated by shoddy workmanship.

We had the opportunity to do some work for one of the apartments (photos available) and also observed that the natural colour tones of the bamboo varied very widely. This probably explains why colour staining was done on the bamboo flooring.

It was indeed a pity that the bamboo flooring for this project did not get the acclaim it deserved. Installing bamboo flooring requires expertise and care, which would be a challenge to execute for hundreds of units under tight and cost time pressure.

If you are a resident of this project and want us to help with your bamboo flooring, please contact us today.

See photos of completed projects on our Facebook page.



HDB project in West of Singapore [with photos]

We’ll be the first to hold up our hands and admit that our bamboo flooring is not the cheapest in the market. There are more affordable options available, such as laminate flooring or ceramic tiles. However the old adage holds true: you do get what you pay for.

If you are looking for a high-quality, attractive long strip wooden flooring product that is also friendly to the environment, then frankly, you only have one choice. Bamboo flooring is the only candidate that ticks all the right boxes.

Unfortunately, some clients have told us that they reluctantly choose parquet or laminate flooring, purely out of budgetary constraints. That is why most of our projects are in the luxury residential or commercial sectors (companies usually have substantial construction budgets, so choosing bamboo flooring hardly impacts their costs).

But every once in a while, we are lucky to meet clients who are committed to the environmental cause and truly understand the principle behind Star Bamboo. They see and cherish the value that we deliver.

Here, we present a HDB project from the West of Singapore. Not only did they choose bamboo flooring, they even opted for the high-end water-based polyurethane site finish coating. Being eco-friendly also means providing a healthy environment for the family.

They visited our showroom time and again, to look and feel the bamboo samples on display. Faced with such sincerity, we just had to give them a fantastic price. :)


Lots of natural light in the Play Zone.

The client has creatively restructured a 3-room HDB flat into a Play Zone and a Bed Room. With sunlight streaming across the floor in the Play Zone, this is the ideal place for the client to practise her yoga and relax after a hard day’s work. You can see the matt finish on the Natural Horizontal bamboo flooring.


The wardrobe is actually a wall.

Don’t be deceived by appearances, this wardrobe is actually a partition between the 2 rooms. If they ever decide to combine the rooms into one, it will be a relatively straight-forward task.


Taking a closer look at the bamboo flooring.

The Natural Horizontal bamboo flooring is the lighter of our range. The bamboo knot patterns are highly distinctive, and sure to leave a deep impression on your guests. This provides a nice constrast with our previous project, which used Carbonised Vertical instead.


This is the Bed room, with a wooden partition discreetly screening the washroom in the corner.

This is the Bed room, where the light colour of the Natural bamboo makes for a soothing atmosphere. It also helps to create an expansive feel, which is especially suited for smaller projects.

If you like what you see, just get in touch with us and we’ll try our best to make it happen for you!


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Star Bamboo project at Nathan Road [With Photos]

Hello, it’s been a while since we had some new photos. Here’s one of our favourite projects in the recent months, we hope that you will like it.

The owner of this Nathan Road apartment has a generous collection of solid wooden furniture. The colour and general air of solidity goes well with our carbonised bamboo flooring. There are many pieces of rose wood furniture, which one might think is too dark-hued for our bamboo flooring, but the overall effect is surprisingly harmonious. Together, they provides a warm and luxurious feeling.

Rose wood bed and study desk perched on Carbonised Vertical bamboo flooring

The rose wood bed has been in the family for many years, and was handed down to the owner by her parents.

Modern and clean lines in another bedroom. The white walls make for a nice contrast with the Carbonised colour of the bamboo flooring.

Rooms have a touch of modern contemporary flair, yet the bamboo flooring goes well with the design. Whether your design theme is modern or classic, our bamboo flooring is timeless.

The designer opted for a matt coating on the bamboo flooring. As you can observe in the following photo, there is little glare in the bright afternoon sun, making it the default choice in tropical Singapore.

The matt coating not only reduces glares, but also takes the inevitable wear and tear excellently.

An open-concept bathtub in the bedroom is a tad cheeky. After an indulgent soak, one steps right onto the warm, welcoming bamboo flooring back to the bed.

There is always the curtain to shield one from curious neighbours.

We hope that you have enjoyed the photos presented above. If you would like to enjoy bamboo flooring in your home or office, contact us here. :)

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Why bamboo makes sense.. and more flooring photos

Hi everyone, time sure flies when projects are running. Before we know it, it’s already March in the new year (which isn’t quite so new any more).

We have completed more projects, it’s always a peak time for us before Chinese New Year. I’ve posted more photos up on our Facebook page, so do go check them out.

This project was completed recently for a client in the financial industry. Bamboo flooring is enjoying a current surge of popularity in the banking sector. Top reason is that bamboo flooring is eco-friendly, and companies are scrambling to broadcast that message to their clients.

Spend a little more on the flooring, and reap a high ROI on your marketing and branding. Now, that’s being financially savvy!

Here’s a little taster photo…

Now go check out the rest on our Facebook page (and click on “Like” while you’re at it!). ;)


More bamboo flooring photos at our Facebook page

Hi all,

2010 is closing with a bang, the construction market is positively booming right now. We have been busy running concurrent projects, sorry we have been rather quiet here.

We have just uploaded more photos of a newly completed project onto our Facebook page. Something different from our usual bamboo flooring, hope you like what we’ve done – the owner certainly did!

This is just a small part of what we have done. Go check the rest out now!

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Bamboo flooring = good value for money?

By far, the most popular post on this blog is “Bamboo flooring that fits any budget“. As of today, it has garnered over 60 comments and the greatest number of page views.

Rather surprising considering that the post was written over 2 years ago, and buried deep within the blog.

In the article, I discussed how the perceived high cost of bamboo flooring shouldn’t deter customers because it is surprisingly affordable. In fact, it is similar in pricing to some laminate flooring.

As a result, we have received many enquires from customers expecting to get good quality long strip bamboo flooring at laminate flooring prices.

I have to clarify here that each type of flooring can differ widely in quality and prices. If we compare high quality laminate flooring with some of our special discount bamboo flooring, then the difference is minor.

However, most customers going for laminate flooring is choosing it precisely because it’s cheap. So they would select the lower-end range instead.

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to long strip hardwood flooring, and should be compared against them. Even parquet floor (using small pieces of wood flooring) is one class below.

Bamboo flooring might be more expensive than most laminate flooring. But what we should be asking is:

Does bamboo flooring offer better value than laminate flooring?

Definitely yes.

Laminate flooring tends to look tired and worn after a couple of years, especially the budget range. Being a plastic composite product, it cannot be re-sanded. The only option is to replace the entire floor.

Bamboo flooring, on the other hand, is hard and durable (some 20% harder than teak flooring). It is designed to last a lifetime.

You can even re-sand it 3-4 times, and get a brand new floor each time. The cost of re-sanding is just a fraction of getting a new laminate floor.

Take a longer perspective, and you’ll see just why bamboo flooring offers such excellent value.

And one thing is for sure, bamboo flooring looks much more natural and elegant than laminate flooring:

Star Bamboo flooring in Korea bedroom

Apartment bedroom (South Korea)


Fusionopolis Tower 1

Office reception area (Singapore)

So just give us a ring at 65659217 if you want to have such beautiful and eco-friendly floors in your home or office!

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Star Bamboo Eco-Sale

Yes this is the one word that all bargain-loving Singaporeans should have in their vocabulary:


Now you can enjoy the beauty and luxury of our eco-friendly bamboo flooring at prices never seen before.

Wouldn’t you want to have a lovely bamboo floor like this in your home:

Luxury apartment with Star Bamboo flooring

Enjoy the natural look and feel of hardwood without harming a single tree.

We are now offering hefty discounts off our Singapore stocks. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are.

We have limited stocks of each type of bamboo flooring, so give us a ring at 65659217 now to avoid disappointment!


Star Bamboo flooring in Autodesk’s new Singapore office

Autodesk Singapore had the official opening of their new Fusionopolis office on 4 Nov.

They are the world-renowned makers of the AutoCAD software.

Fusionopolis Tower 1

Fusionopolis Tower One – home of Autodesk Singapore

It’s a spacious 5,125 sqm office area, and I’m happy to say that we installed bamboo flooring in their Level 10 office and pantry area.

Autodesk is a USA-based company and their HQ specifically requested to use eco-friendly products. What better choice than Star Bamboo – a Green Label certified product?

We actually completed the project back in August. Very pleased with the results, check them out below:

Bamboo flooring in Autodesk office

Lovely view of the Buona Vista area, and even lovelier bamboo flooring

More bamboo flooring in Autodesk office

We did this project using our Natural Vertical solid bamboo flooring.

It comes pre-finished with 6 layers of polyurethane coating for better scratch and stain resistance – perfect for the office.

Interested in using bamboo flooring in your home or business? Just give us a call today at 6565-9217 or use our contact form!