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A. Got any questions?

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where you can find the answers to many common questions. Feel free to contact us at with your queries too.


B. Here’s how to get a quote. Just get the following information ready:

1. Do you have a floor plan or know the area? Either sqft or sqm is OK.

2. When is your place available for site measurement?

3. When do you plan to do the project?

4.  – Do you wish to use pre-finished or site-finished bamboo flooring? Here’re the differences:

Pre-finished: sanding and coating done in the factory.

Pros: Faster and cheaper installation. More durable thanks to 6-layer coating.

Cons: Grooves between planks require more maintenance.

Site-finished: sanding and coating on site (similar to typical parquet floors)

Pros: Smooth finish, no grooves between planks.

Cons: Takes longer and costs more.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what the difference is, we’ll be happy to explain to you if you have any queries.

It’s best to email, so that you can attach the floor plan as well.

Hear from you soon!


C. Can I visit your showroom?

You can view display panels of bamboo flooring and get samples at our office.

Please make an appointment at 6565 9217 before you come.

We are located at:

51 Bukit Batok Crescent
#06-41 Unity Centre
Singapore 658077

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