Company information

Star Bamboo (S) Pte Ltd is a multi-award winning bamboo manufacturing enterprise from Singapore.

Our Headquarters and Marketing office is in Singapore, with our very own overseas production base.

Our factory land area measures some 25,000 square meters.

Utilizing technologically advanced equipment from Germany and Europe, we possess an excellent manufacturing capacity.

The basic philosophy of the company is the need to preserve our natural environment. Many other bamboo manufacturers use harmful glue with a high formaldehyde content, which is a highly toxic chemical.

At Star Bamboo, we insist on non-toxic glue that exceeds the internationally-recognised European E1 standard.

Star Bamboo has in a place a capable management team leading a group of well-trained technical staff. We also have external Consultant Professors from academic institutions to provide their expertise in perfecting our products.

To improve product quality, we have in place stringent Quality Control (QC) procedures to ensure continuous improvement.


Star Bamboo Company Ltd welcomes a long-term relationship with our clients and partners, based on a firm foundation of trust and quality.

Explanation of our Logo

The logo consists of an upper-case letter “B” and a silver star.

The vertical stem of the “B” is a stylised representation of the bamboo plant. The curves of the letter, represents the pliancy and flexibility of the bamboo, which is what we strive for.

The silver colour of the star is the symbolic colour of the feminine side of energy, which denotes the passion and care for our natural environment. The star is shooting upwards on an ascending trajectory, signifying our continual strive for progress.