Star Bamboo has been regularly featured in the Singapore press for our innovative, eco-friendly bamboo flooring.

Here are some selected clippings, simply click on the thumbnails for the full-sized images.

Straits Times (28 Oct 2006)

“An eco-friendly encounter”

“Highlights at the Eco-Products International Fair”

Lianhe Zaobao (1 Nov 2006)


“5 Singapore companies win international eco-awards”

Luxx Homes (Jan 2007)

“Eco-friendly substitutes for wood flooring”

luxx-homes-1-small.jpg luxx-homes-2-small.jpg

Square Rooms (Jan 2008)

“Eco-chic choices that won’t cost the Earth ”

square-rooms-cover-jan-feb-2008.jpg square-rooms-page1-jan-feb-2008.jpgsquare-rooms-page2-jan-feb-2008.jpg

Lianhe Zaobao (8 June 2008)


“Bamboo flooring replaces teak”

Oasis Magazine (Sep 2008)

“Sustainability in Singapore: Plans for this little green dot”

Oasis magazine Sep 08 cover pageOasis magazine Sep 08 article - Star Bamboo flooring

Oasis Magazine (Nov 2008)

“Star Bamboo – Saving the Earth with bamboo flooring”

Oasis magazine Nov 08 cover pageOasis magazine Nov 08 article - Saving the Earth with bamboo flooring

Square Rooms Magazine (Mar-April 2009)

“Green Revolution – Go for Bamboo”

Green Revolution - Go for Bamboo

ish Magazine (April 2009)

“Going Green: Home Depot”

ish cover page ish page 1

[photos removed after request from photographer. Please contact us if you wish to view.]


Home and Decor Magazine (April 2009)

“Bamboo Invasion”

Bamboo invasion

“Choose planet-friendly materials”

Choose planet-friendly materials

“Living Green – Renewable bamboo flooring from Star Bamboo lays the groundwork for Linda and Dominic’s eco-friendly home”

[photos removed after request from photographer. Please contact us if you wish to view.]

Singapore Tatler Magazine (June 2009)

“Saving our future”

Singapore Tatler - cover page Singapore Tatler - Saving our future article

Key to your home by Square Rooms (June 2009)

“Going Green”

square-rooms-key-to-your-home-jun-2009-small.jpgKey to an Eco-Friendly Home - small

Eco Chic Home in Straits Times (July 2009)

“Unlike teak, bamboo is a highly renewable resource that can be harvested quickly. Its strength and durability is renowned.”

In Singapore, Embracing the Humidity in The New York  Times (Sep 2010)

Read about our Sentosa Cove project which has been featured in design magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Star Bamboo in FuturArc (Q1 2012)

Star Bamboo in Square Rooms (May 2012)



Need more reasons to choose Star Bamboo? Just check out the awards and certifications we have achieved.

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