Project References

It can be hard to visualise how bamboo flooring would look like in your home or office.

So here is a selection of projects we’ve done in Singapore – I’ve added some short commentary to the more memorable projects.

Residential projects

Carbonised Vertical Bamboo flooring at Toh Heights

Sharp-eyed readers might recognise this photo: It was featured in a Straits Times newspaper article on green technology. Star Bamboo’s bamboo flooring was one of the innovative eco-friendly products mentioned.

This flooring was installed over a raised platform constructed with plywood.

This project has been regularly featured in local interior design magazines. The owners are an arty, lovely couple who wanted to go green.

Bamboo flooring was their Natural choice :). They also chose not to install aircon, which I thought was a brave choice in hot and humid Singapore.

I still keep in touch with them, always enjoy my conversations with them. You can see the rest of their feature in the Media section.

Commercial projects

Carbonised Vertical bamboo flooring at Singapore Institute of Management

A very adventurous choice. Did you think this was a mix of Natural and Carbonised?

Contrary to what you might believe, this is all Carbonised. This batch had a particularly light shade of Carbonised vertical bamboo flooring, and I had my reservations.

Fortunately, the client loved it.

Natural Vertical Bamboo flooring at Autodesk @ Fusionopolis 1

This was a favourite project of mine. Autodesk is the world-renowned software company behind AutoCad. They understood the importance of going green long before it came into vogue.

Natural Vertical Bamboo flooring at Autodesk @ Fusionopolis 2

In their Singapore office at Buona Vista, they decided to use bamboo flooring for their reception, visitor’s lounge, and staff pantry.

Natural Vertical Bamboo flooring at Autodesk @ Fusionopolis 3

Natural colour is an excellent choice due to the large floor area – the lighter colour adds a sense of airiness, which is enhanced by the ample amounts of natural light coming through.

The bamboo flooring was installed over raised flooring panels, which conceal the computer and electrical wiring.

Overseas projects

Star Bamboo exports to all the major international markets. So here are some photos our overseas customers have sent us:

Carbonised Horizontal bamboo flooring in South Korea

This is a high-class residential development in Seoul. I heard from my customer that a former South Korean president lives there.

Flooring in South Korea is rather unique, as hot water pipes run underneath it. This makes bamboo flooring an ideal choice as it is one of the most stable hardwoods.

Bamboo flooring is just so lovely.

Choose Star Bamboo

Beginning to see how bamboo flooring can add that natural touch to your place? Star Bamboo is your best choice.

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Just take a look at all the nice things people have been saying about us.

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